Thursday, October 7, 2010

King's Ransom

Charcoal on Paper

I drew this on a large format scale. I got this idea from Robert Longo work. He does subjects in charcoal, in large format style. Tools used were, General's medium and extra soft charcoal pencils for the main drawing and details. A white pastel pencil for highlights and some lighter areas. Artist Soft Pastel sticks for the darkest darks and the surrounding dark area. Kneaded eraser for mid tone lighter areas. I started off with charcoal toned Strathmoore paper. Time frame, it is difficult to say on hours, since I did not keep up with them. It took about a week overall. Working off and on with it. Thanks!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Self Portrait"

Charcoal on Paper

 I held the camera out with my arm and was hoping to get some kind of good shot for a self portrait composition. This is the one I chose. Ended up taking probably 150-200 shots! With the digital age though makes it nice!

Thanks for looking!